This blog stems from sunny  afternoon coffee sessions lounging in front of a University hall where we both work. The coffee is good. The conversation flows from discussing the details of everyday experiments to making dreamy plans for the future. The sun is reflecting sparklingly the green of the lush grass. And the reflection is most promising on short Fridays after long weeks. We started this blog to express and share some of our thoughts about the current state of science, its place in society and our lives within this continuously changing discursive environment. As of start of this blog we are deeply routed in our lives and on the verge of becoming what our parents already are. We are both working at a northern Californian University as researchers in the field of plant biology. We carry the employment title Post-doctoral Fellow, which in short translated “overeducated and over-motivated, while generally underpaid”. All of our writing roots from our personal experiences but specific details can be fictional or accidental. Each contribution might be written by either or both of us yet it always will be published under the same tag. So enough of the talk – we hope you don’t get bored while reading. Please share your thoughts with us so we can enjoy more intriguing discussions over coffee letting our view hover above the lush green grass.


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