ASPB members and Plant Physiology/The Plant Cell authors for pre-prints

///Disclaimer: This is a copy of our request to the American Society of Plant Biology to support pre-prints.///

ASPB members and Plant Physiology/The Plant Cell authors for pre-prints

Based on a recent discussion on twitter we discovered that the American Society for Plant Biology (ASPB) currently discourages preprint deposition on publically available archives such as, or We as engaged members representing a wide variety of plant biologist would like to encourage ASPB to change its stance and allow deposition of a pre-print when submitting to Plant Cell and Plant Physiology. Pre-print compatible policies are quickly becoming the norm at other journals ASPB members publish in, including: Nature Publishing Group, PLOS, PeerJ, Cold Spring Harbor Press, Science, PNAS, eLife, Frontiers journals, EMBO, Development, and Evolution ( We do not want to be in the position to have to chose between a pre-print and submission to these outstanding community journals.

Potential benefits to the plant science community include:

  • fast dissemination of important new discoveries in the field
  • fast dissemination of work in progress
  • public visibility of successive revised versions of a manuscript
  • feedback during the review process potentially leading to improved manuscripts. (See for example
  • straightforward way to establish precedence

Thanks for considering our request:

If inclined, edit, sign, and distribute widely here.


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